Exercises targeting power

Overall goal of the exercises

Improving the ability to execute power to the ground primarily using lower body.

Overall theme of the exercises

Strength training primarily for the lower body. Focusing on fast execution improving rate of force development in functional tasks and varying positions.

Additional considerations

Exercises designed to target specific muscle groups can be included considering individual strength impairments (e.g. quadriceps, calf muscles or hip abductors).


Key exercise Examples of progressions Examples of regressions

Sit to stand from a chair

Sit to stand

  • Narrow foot position
  • One foot in front
  • Fast stand, slow sit
  • Jumping after stand
  • Sit on a cushion
  • Facing corner

Stepping up on staircase

stepping on staircase

  • Fast up
  • Slow and controlled
  • Higher step
  • Hand or finger on the wall
  • Lower step

Getting up from the ground

up from ground

  • Fast up and down
  • Slow and controlled
  • Continuous movement down and up
  • Support from a chair
  • Getting up from a bed or a couch

Jumping (standing with the back to a corner)


  • Jump to cross a cord
  • Jump to cross plastic cups[1]
  • Jump in pattern
  • Jump to change direction
  • Narrow foot position
  • Touching a wall with one or both hands while jumping
  • Wide foot position
  • Asymmetric foot timing


[1] Plastic cups must be easily squeezable if stepped on