Adjusted Sit To Stand test (aSTS)

The Adjusted Sit To Stand test (aSTS) is designed to measure the ability to execute power.

The patient is seated on the edge of a height adjustable examination table with the feet in preferred position on the floor. The height of the examination table is now adjusted until the angle between the patient’s thighs is 22.5 degrees with horizontal. A device made from a Carpenter's level and two wooden angels is used for adjustment. The patient is instructed to stand up and sit down fast 2-4 times repeatedly. After a short rest the patient is instructed to stand up and sit down completely 6 times as fast as possible without compromising safety. The number of seconds to complete the task is measured from the moment the patient starts moving until sitting again after last stand. If the patient moves the feet after the initial height adjustment, readjustment can be necessary. Thus, the test is executed only when the adjustment is correct for the actual foot placement which the patient uses for executing the six timed stands from the examination table.